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Travel Update: What Do We Do Now?

We saved up for years to quit our jobs, and go on a six-month road trip across the United States with our 2 dogs. 2 months into our trip, the coronavirus aka COVID-19, struck the USA.

We were in New Orleans (2000 miles from home), and had to decide what to do next.

Feeling fine and not having any symptoms of the virus, we decided we had two options:

  1. Go home to California, where we could potentially infect family inside our home who are very prone to catching the coronavirus.
  2. Go onto St. Petersburg, Florida as planned and self-isolate there.

We decided on option 3:

3. Find a safer, smaller town in Florida to self-isolate

Our self-isolated home in Florida

This blog and Youtube channel document our journey to finding our path during this virus outbreak.

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