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The Rise of Micro-cations & The 5 Best Places for Weekend Trips

What the heck is a micro-cation? This is defined as short vacations which is usually four nights or less. This is often just a long weekend, perhaps over a holiday like Labor Day in the USA.

You’re probably rolling your eyes at this new micro-cations word, but since it’s not quite a week and not quite a weekend, the travel gods needed something in between.

As it turns out, 57% of Americans did NOT take a leisure trip longer than four nights in the last year as of May 2019. This largely consisted of Millennials, who are often all work with no play.

25% of Americans said they took 3+ micro-cations in the last year according to Allianz.

Almost two in ten Americans (18 percent) said their longest trip in the last year was three to four nights, while one in 10 (11 percent) took no trips longer than just one to two nights.

-Allianz Global Assistance, May 2019
Caye Caulker, Belize

Why Micro-cations?

Shorter trips are both cheaper and allow Americans to travel more frequently, after all, it’s a lot easier to get a Friday off work than a full five-day workweek.

In the USA there are lots of destinations that are an easy-ish drive or a quick flight. With flights getting cheaper over time, and travel credit cards offering better deals, it’s becoming more and more approachable.

When should I Micro-cation?

Check out the cheapest dates to fly in 2020! This article also includes the MOST expensive times to fly for reference.

If you don’t mind paying a little more for hotels/flights, consider using a 3-day weekend like Labor Day (most people get Monday off) to stretch your time off. That way you can also take Friday or Tuesday off.

If you want to avoid expensive long weekends, consider taking time off on a week that is NOT a holiday. If you know all your coworkers (and the rest of the world) are taking the week of Christmas off, take the weekend before off!

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The Best Places for A Micro-cation

Want to go somewhere cool you can see in 4 days or less? Check out our top 5 picks for the best places for a micro-cation in the USA.

Balboa Park in San Diego

San Diego, California

Okay, so I’m a little biased because I’m from Southern California. But San Diego has a ton of things to do, beautiful weather year-round, friendly people, and an airport close to downtown.

If you want to continue traveling southern California, check out our tips for the 14 best weekend trips from SoCal.

Me at one of the MANY murals around town

Nashville, Tennessee

This has become such a popular place that bachelorettes everywhere flock here each weekend, creating the “Nash Bash”. Check out our weekend itinerary ideas for the city made famous by live music being EVERYWHERE.


New Orleans, Louisiana

The Big Easy is more than just wild parties at Mardi Gras. New Orleans also offers a ton of museums, gorgeous parks, amazing cafes full of beignets, and lots of entertainment. Check out what you should do with three days in NOLA.

Miami, Florida

For those who want a little sun, culture, and Cuban food – Miami is the perfect spot. Miami boasts stunning street art, warm beaches, awesome nightlife in South Beach, and beautiful people everywhere. Check out this weekend itinerary over at Our Escape Clause.

Seattle, Washington

Foodies will love this town! Check out the fish at Pike Place Market, the OG Starbucks, the glass-blown art pieces at Chihuly Garden, the Seattle art Museum, or one of the many other attractions! It can get cold here, so be sure to check the weather before you go. Here are the 25 best things to do in Seattle!

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