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The Most Useful Travel Bags of 2019

There are SO many different kinds of travel bags, how can you ever narrow it down to just one for your trip? Check out the most useful types of travel bags to help you pick the right one for you.

The Daypack

The daypack is a small, sometimes even packable (AKA easy to squish) bag that holds basics for traveling. This Eagle Creek Daypack is a great option for travelers who don’t want to carry a giant backpack but can’t fit all their stuff in their pockets either.

The good: It’s small and easily packable!

The bad: It’s small and not the most durable material.

The Large (But Not Backpackers’) Backpack

If you have a lot of stuff to carry around and want a mini suitcase on your back, I highly recommend this EBags Mother Lode option. I’m a chronic over-packer and this was my take-on-the-plane bag on a trip to Thailand and my big bag for a weekend road trip to Palm Springs. I like that it’s multi-functional, but this isn’t something you’ll want to carry around all day, every day.

The good: It holds a lot of items and can be very multi-functional. There’s also a million pockets to keep you organized.

The bad: These backpacks aren’t quite big enough to pass as your only bag on 3+ day trips, but not small enough to be easy to carry around.

The Backpackers’ Style Backpack/Wheeled Bag Combo

If you’re ready to take your backpacking to the next level, you’ll need a big bag like this gear holder from Dakine. You can roll it, use it as a duffel bag, or use it as a backpack without breaking your back. It fits a ton of stuff, I was able to pack 2 weeks’ worth of clothes and bikinis for Thailand in here.

The good: This bag can be carried in different ways and can expand or shrink based on your needs. The material is sturdy and durable.

The bad: The wheels make it a little too heavy to carry on your back for long periods of time.

The 4-Wheeled Suitcase

Behold the 4-wheeler!

For years I resisted buying a 4-wheeled shell-type suitcase! I figured my 2-wheeled soft-side suitcase was just fine and I didn’t see the need. Finally, I bought a large blue one for a big trip. I finally got it – the 4-wheeled suitcases are SO much easier to move around since they go multiple directions. The hard outside means it may get scratched but it probably won’t get too damaged at the airport. Amazon has this 28-inch suitcase for under $100 so you don’t have to spend a small fortune to replace your old fabric luggage.

Travel Purses

These purses are more low-key and easy to carry every day. I personally prefer cross-body bags because they’re both easy to carry and free up your hands for easier camera access. You can even buy special ones that are anti-theft, waterproof, or generally just more durable. H

The good: These can be used for non-travel days too and are easier to carry around.

The bad: These generally don’t fit many things inside so if you have a large camera kit you’ll need something bigger. It’s also hard to find a travel purse that’s not ugly, waterproof and has anti-theft properties such as ripstop materials or lockable zippers.

Here are some of my favorite travel purses:

This Piazza Daybag is my normal carry bag for big trips like to Thailand and Florida. I have an older version of it in blue that’s traveled across a dozen countries with me and it’s still going strong!

If you have a favorite travel bag, tell us in the comments below!

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