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India is often called as the subcontinent of color, spice, and contradictions. A land that stretches from the frozen summits of the Himalayas to the tropical greenery of Kerala. Topsy-turvy, tricky, exhilarating, crazy, exasperating, wonderful, serenely beautiful, intimidating, overwhelming, and fantastic. India has every location to make you feel this way, and it still has more to offer. Adventure travelling in India can prove to be a distinctive experience. This country has a vast and varied list of options available in with respect to every different direction that is east, west, north or south. Each activity offers the desired adrenaline rush to the adventure junkies.

River Rafting, Photo by Wesley Fryer, CC BY-SA 2.0

Travelling in India reveals that it’s a country which is both mesmerizing, exotic, serene, and mysterious but at times can be annoying as well as confusing. This country has an abundance of towering peaks age-old monuments, serene rivers, rugged and rough terrains and many other mesmerizing marvels of nature. Making the right choice and experiencing a new adventure might be the crux of the matter. To make your trip righteous, follow these do’s and don’ts of adventure travel in India. These tips will help you to stay safe and sound while you’re away from home.

These Are the DO’s

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Talk to Local People

Just use Google to find out what gestures mean in each area. For example, while travelling in India, joining your palms is considered as a gesture of respect. This will help you to connect with them. Words are not necessary to communicate; a warm smile is enough. The locals will be keen to help you and give you great information about your trip. Locals can help you WAY better than those travel pamphlets and you will experience it in a better way.

Try Adventure Travel

They say you begin to enjoy your life at the end of your comfort zone. Adventure travelling is only possible if you succeed in stepping out of your comfort zone and going things that you never thought you could. Travelling teaches an individual to discover more about oneself rather than discovering the place.

Eat with Locals

As mentioned above, locals can help you enjoy your trip in a better way. Eating with locals has its own advantages. The natives or the locals will help you to understand a country’s culture and flavors in the best way as they will have the information about the ingredients or the specialty of the cuisine.

Start with Your Itinerary

Making prior reservations of hotels, buses and other arrangements is a must. Building a proper itinerary of your trip prior to the start of the trip is necessary. Keep a copy of this with you and leave one with your loved ones so that they know where to find you in case of any emergency. Want a digital copy? Try these free travel apps like TripIt.

Go Off the Beaten Path

This is the best way to travel adventurously! An off the beaten path journey will ensure that you don’t have to go with the crowd. This will help you discover many beautiful and mesmerizing experiences that are less talked about.


Ensure that you always carry a mineral water bottle with you. This will help prevent the additional danger related to consuming contaminated water. You always need to be wary of contaminated water and food. Always bring thoroughly-cooked food and if you’re trying any local cuisine, ensure its quality with the help of a local resident.  

Travel can be a lot safer than it seems. In fact, it is always recommended to be aware of your surroundings and to ensure the safety of valuables from theft. This may sound a little too obvious but nothing ruins a trip more than losing your valuables because of carelessness.

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These Are the Don’ts

Below are the things you want to avoid when travelling to India!

Travelling Heavy

Do not travel heavy. Travelling heavy means overpacking your luggage and carrying unnecessary things. You will regret this later if you’re unable to carry all your luggage. Take only the necessary articles so that you can move around with ease.

Don’t Rush!

Don’t make your trip an amazing race. Everything that you experience in your trip will definitely be all the more beautiful if you stop and make the best of that moment. Adventures need patience too!

Don’t Forget About Health Insurance

Do not travel without health insurance. You want to be sure of your safety and if you’re covered by insurance, you’ll be at peace. Anything can happen to you anywhere. The risk increases when you’re on an adventure. Emergency needs can be met without racking up debt if you have medical insurance.

Don’t Over Plan!

Over planning is another issue. Planning your trip is important and good but planning each and every hour of it will spoil the essence of the adventure. Leave room for spontaneity and discovery in your adventure.

Don’t Close Your Mind

Do not fix your perception of adventure. Keep your mind open for new experiences and soaking in the cultural differences. This will lead to a discovery of something out of the box. A new experience or discovery will surprise you for sure!

Don’t Trust Everyone

Do not trust everybody with money. Keep an eye on whom you contact with money matters. These can be trip spoilers! Somebody running away with your money and leaving you helpless is not the kind of adventure you want on your trip.

Do not be a jerk. I repeat, do not. Being nice to people and showing respect never hurts.

These do’s and don’ts are based on common sense. If you are travelling India with kids you must follow these instructions. A little advice never hurts and these tips are suggested by seasoned travelers. Being safe requires a cooperative effort and being well aware of your surroundings and keeping a close eye on your every move. Even in the safest countries or places, risks or threats that can harm you are present. All you need to do is actively protect yourself against them. Enjoy your trip and don’t let any sour experience ruin it.

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