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The Best Unique Gifts for Travelers

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves to travel but definitely doesn’t need another packing cube, check out this list from a long-term traveler!

Staying Organized

4 Shoe Bags, $11

Chances are you’re bringing more than one pair of shoes. You wouldn’t normally touch the bottom of your shoes, so why let them touch all your clean clothes and toiletries? These have over 2,000 good reviews and are waterproof – just in case!

Electronics Organizers, $18

Any traveler is likely to have way too many devices, cords, adapters, and other electronic necessities. Organize them all with these cool bags. These are currently $2 off with a coupon, well worth the price of your sanity when you can’t find that one cord.

Jewelry Organizer, $10

Anyone who has ever tried bringing a necklace in their suitcase knows that it typically ends with you screaming because it got terribly tangled in transit. Save your self the struggle with these cute little organizers which fit bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, and more.

Map Laundry Bag, $5

Dirty clothes are gross, so keep them separated from the stuff that’s still clean! These map bags are perfect for short trips and everyone at the laundromat will be SO jealous.

Home Decor

Scratch-Off World Map, $23

There’s nothing more satisfying than scratching off the places you’ve been! This one even includes flags so you can go country by country. Perfect for the traveler who loves to #humblebrag about all their adventures.

Camera Lens Coffee Mug, $11

For the shutterbug in all of us, this mug has double-wall insulation and comes with a top! Works for cold and warm drinks, BPA free, and makes you look like a pro.

Poo-Poouri Anti-Toilet Smells Spray, $4

You will inevitably end up in a hotel room that has a bathroom with no fan and no window in sight. After eating all that Thai food, you’ll really appreciate this travel-sized spray which combats bad smells.

Gift Cards Keep on Giving

Southwest Airlines Gift Card

Southwest is one of our favorite airlines because it lets each person bring two checked bags for free! Gift someone what is often the most expensive part of any trip – a flight!

Air B&B Gift Card

Not sure what to get your traveler and want to settle for a gift card? Air B&B also sells experiences like restaurant tours and snorkeling days. We recommend a $50 card!

Bags & Entertainment

Packable Daypack, $32

If you need a bag for the day, this one holds a shocking amount of stuff. It’s very functional, so much so that Dallas bought it first then I had to have my own! See his review below.

Anti-Theft Backpack, $35

Anyone who has traveled in an unsavory place knows that backpacks can be a little scary – anyone behind you in a crowded area could open it and take your valuables. We love this waterproof backpack because there’s no way to open it from the outside! Over 4100 people agree – this backpack rocks!

Small Magnetic Game Board, $18

Picture this – you’re on an 18-hour flight to Asia, and you realize you forgot to bring your phone charging cord. Alas, what will you do?! This little magnetic game board offers 12 games including ludo, checkers, racing, chinese checkers, and more. Technically this is advertised for kids but adults like playing games too!

6 Reusable Bags, $17

Can you tell we love bags over here? These bags come in cool designs and can be used for dirty laundry, groceries, beach days, and more. They hold up to 50 pounds each with their rip-stop waterproof fabric. Fold these up small and put them in your suitcase because like scissors, you know you’ll need a bag eventually. 1409 people who gave it 5 stars can’t be wrong!

Ebags Motherlode Junior Backpack, $99

I’ll let this video speak for itself but this bag is the best for short-term trips as your main bag or long-term trips as a carry-on bag. Also, note that this bag is sold by Ebags but is typically around $30 cheaper on Amazon.

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