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The 17 Best Travel Accessories for Beach Vacations 2020

If you’re getting ready for a tropical beach vacation, you’ll need a few extras to stay cool and sunburn-free! Hit the shores in style with the 17 best travel accessories from 2019. Also, check out our other travel tips!

Products to Prevent Sunburns

Best Non-Sticky Sunscreen

Sometimes sunscreen isn’t as easy to find as you think! This is my favorite line of sunscreen because it’s not sticky or greasy and it doesn’t ruin your day when it gets into your eyes! It’s also available in stick form which I prefer to use on my face. Check out our guide to using sunscreen in Thailand for more sun-tastic info.

Best 2-Person Beach Tent

If you melt in the sun and burn instantly as I do, you know that these beach tents are worth their weight in gold. This tent is 4.25 pounds so it’s easy enough to carry and the fabric is UV rated for 50+ UPF. It’s pretty easy to pop up and install, and just a little harder to get back into its case. Sandbags hold it down well in windier areas. It claims to fit up to 3 people, but I would suggest no more than 2 adults and maybe a baby to be able to lounge comfortably.

Best Beach Bags

Waterproof Dry Bag

While it’s not the prettiest bag I’ve ever seen, these dry bags can be invaluable for those who are doing water activities like kayaking, rafting, boating, and paddleboarding. This one has over 3300 customer reviews vouching that it does indeed keep your stuff dry! You can get these with one or two straps so they’re easy to carry around. We recommend the 10-liter dry bag for the average person such as a phone, wallet, keys, camera, sunglasses, and water bottles. If you want to use it as your day bag, upsize to the 20-liter one.

Beach Bag with Cooler

If you need a cute bag that can take the beating of a beach day, check this one out from OdyseaCo. It can hold 4 large beach towels and has 2 zippered pockets. There’s an insulated section that’s perfect for holding sandwiches too.

Best Waterproof Camera & Accessories

Hyperlapse Mode on the GoPro Hero 7

GoPro Hero 7 Black

I had a GoPro Hero 3 and was so frustrated by the lack of a screen, shaky video, and clumsy buttons. When the Go Pro Hero 7 Black came out in 2018 I was fully on board when I learned the camera itself is waterproof, it has a touchscreen, it has 4K video, listens to voice commands, and includes awesome stabilization. I upgraded my Hero 3 and have never looked back, this camera has been awesome for snorkeling and other adventures where we didn’t want to get our Canon M50 wet. The only downside? The batteries suck, so be sure to buy a few extra.

GoPro Hero 7 Black Water Dome

Not just movie magic anymore, this cool tool helps you get video and photos of both the underwater and above water views at the same time – check out the example below. Our chosen brand is Vicdozia but there are several similar ones – just be sure to avoid scratching the dome itself.

Taken with the GoPro dome

Best Products to Keep the Sand Away

Sandproof Beach Mat

Avoid the sand in every crack problem by hanging out on this big ol’ beach mat! This mat is 10×9 ft so it can fit the whole family. The material is lightweight nylon and the weighted pockets will keep the mat down. I’ve also seen people using these at Coachella to stake their claim.

WEKAPO Inflatable Lounger Sofa

If you haven’t laid in an air sofa yet, have you even been to a festival? Just kidding, but really these inflatable couches are super easy to blow up (no pump needed) and can be great for camping or hanging by the beach/lake. It’s also less than 3 pounds for the sofa so it’s not a struggle to carry around.

Sand-Friendly Mini Picnic Table

Nobody wants to put their tropical drink in the sand! This mini table is perfect for holding wineglasses, food, phones, and drinks. To install, just stick it in the sand. The little holes will hold either wine glasses or pop-top cans. With this you’ll never have sandy food again!

Keeping Your Phone Safe!

Portable Safe

Every vacationer has struggled with wanting to go in the water but not wanting to leave behind keys, cash, phones, and cameras. Get the best of both worlds with this travel lockbox that you can hook to your beach chair or bury in the sand. The cable is made of steel and the box can be used with a resettable 3-digit code or by using the key. We found that our phones, cash, keys, and sunglasses all fit in here nicely.

Sunscreen Bottle Safe

This one is a great option if you’re going on a cruise. Pour the liquid of your choice into these fake sunscreen bottles so you can easily bring the fun along with you!

Best Drink Accessories

Keep Your Drink Cold!

Is there anything worse than taking a sip of a drink on a hot beach day and realizing the liquid inside is warmer than the surface of the sun?! If you don’t already have an insulated stainless steel water bottle, check out this one from HydroFlask. There’s a bunch of colors and it can be used with hot or cold beverages. Another (cheaper) alternative that we love are the RTIC cups which are perfect for beach-side margaritas.

Best Portable Cooler: Tourit Soft Cooler

If you don’t want to drop $300+ on a Yeti cooler, this is a great alternative. This cooler is waterproof, free of BPA and weird chemicals, and can be carried 3 ways. We like to bring it for days at the beach, bonfires, festivals, and local sporting events.

Best Beach Games


Basically a larger backyard version of beer pong, BucketBall can be played in different ways involving buckets and balls (shocker!). You can play this in a pool (with inflatable accessories), poolside, at the beach, camping, tailgating, in a backyard, etc. It weighs about 7 pounds and includes a special tote bag which makes it easier to carry around. We love this game for tailgating parties as well as at the beach.


Similar to BucketBall is SpikeBall, where your main objective is to spike the ball in a small net. This is fun on the beach as long as you have a little space to work with and is easy to carry since it’s foldable. The rules are like volleyball and this game is best played with 4 people in total. There’s even an app if you want to try to find nearby pick-up games. The whole set is just over 3 pounds for portability.

Best Waterproof Speakers

Oontz Angle 3

One of the top-selling Bluetooth speakers on Amazon, this little speaker packs a punch. The sound is surprisingly good for a speaker under $30, and it’s splash-proof just in case. The Bluetooth works 100 feet away and it seems to play for about 12 hours without the battery dying. Play it with a cable or via Bluetooth, it even has a microphone if you want to take a call on speaker.

BUGANI Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

A more expensive but more waterproof option, this one is a fan favorite because it resembles an old school boombox. It plays for up to 2400 minutes and even has a 8000mAh battery in case you need to charge your phone at the same time. My favorite part about this speaker is that it’s durable, the shell can handle it when you inevitably drop it.

Taken with the GoPro Hero 7 Black in Banana Beach, Thailand

Now that you’ve stocked up on the best beach accessories of 2019, you’re ready to go! If you have a favorite product let us know in the comments below!

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