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Rakuten: How to get Cash Back on Hotels & Flights

We all love to travel, but the idea of getting cash back for traveling seems a little too good to be true. Rakuten (formerly Ebates) is a website I’ve been using since 2013 to get cash back on online and even in-store purchases from retailers like Express, Target, and Barnes and Noble. Finally, a reason to justify all my online shopping! Sign up here and get $10 when you make your first $25+ purchase at any cash back site!

How Cash Back Sites Work

I quickly learned that Ebates can also be used on hotel, tour, and flight booking sites! Cash back rates vary from 1-30% and most hospitality companies seem to give between 1-7% cash back. Also listed on Ebates are promo codes for these websites!

To get your cash from Ebates, you just need to click the “Shop Now” button before completing your purchase online. There’s also a Google Chrome extension to add the button to your taskbar so it pops up when you’re shopping at an Ebates store. I highly recommend downloading this!

Airline cash back examples
Many travel sites offer cash back

Cash Back on Airlines

You will find hotel, tour, and flight booking sites on Rakuten like, Marriot Bonvoy, and Orbitz. Be sure to check the carrier airline sites too if you prefer to book directly.

ebates example

So run, don’t walk to get signed up for Ebates! Use my invite link below and you’ll get $10 loaded into your account when you spend $25.

Click here to get $10 on Ebates now!

cash back examples
Cash back examples – sometimes stores offer double during holiday weekends

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