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Product Review: Printsfield Custom Socks

Anyone who reads this blog knows how absolutely obsessed we are with our dogs, Sophie and Quinn. So much so that we had to bring them along on our road trip across America earlier this year.

When asked us to check out their Dog Personalized Socks, in exchange for a review, we were delighted. I decided to put Sophie as the star of these socks, but you can choose from 1-3 different pet faces.

You can pick from all their different styles and patterns like:

  • Doggie bones
  • “Cat Dad”, “Cat Mom”, “Dog Dad”, or “Dog Mom”
  • Several styles of a pattern of your pet’s face
  • Other socks with pets like bunnies, horses, birds, etc.

There are over a dozen colors available and you can choose your size. They make custom socks, mugs, briefs, panties, and just about anything you can think of. See them all here.

We loved being able to take our dogs along with us in sock form, and our friends can’t get enough of these socks. The bottoms are cushioned and comfy enough to wear around the house on our hard tile floor, and the inside is so soft. We love that these are made in the USA, and the colors are vibrant.

We’ve had our socks for a few months now, and we’ve washed them dozens of times (cold) and have not noticed any color fading.

Sock Production Process & Time

The photo requirements are that there is a resolution of at least 1 MB, a clear view of their face, and it’s a JPG or PNG file.

I loved how creative you can get with these, without having to do a bunch of editing work. You can leave instructions for their designers like “Please include collar” or specifics like that.

The design and production for our socks took about 4 days, and since they are made and mailed from the USA we got them in 3 business days (to California). Looks like it should take about 2 weeks to get to Europe.

Why You Need Custom Socks

Custom socks are one of those things you don’t know that you need until you have them. 2020 has been a bear, and finding little moments of happiness is key to staying mentally at peace this year especially.

These socks are a cute way to remind you or your pet no matter where you are. They also make great gifts for all the pet lovers, and we all know the holidays are looming in just two short months.

These socks are normally around $40 depending on what you choose, but if you use promo code ONECHANCETRAVEL20 you can get a sweet 20% discount on the pet socks!

Ready to buy? Visit to get started.

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