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Peak Design Tripod: The Best $30 Alternative

A tripod is a three-legged tool that allows us to take amazingly still shots of the landscape or take group photos with a remote shutter. This is a favorite of travel photographers, but the problem is most sturdy, affordable tripods are quite heavy. Below is the AmazonBasics tripod that we use at home, which does a fine job indoors when we don’t need to carry it around.

When we are traveling we prefer a lightweight alternative and searched the internet high and low for one that was light, affordable, and multi-use. We love the Peak Design Travel Tripod, which launched on Kickstarter and is coming out in January 2020. However, it’s $350-$600 for this tripod, which is well out of our price range. If you’re looking for something just as small and useful, read on.

Peak Design tripod, $350-$600

Our favorite travel tripod is a vintage Japanese tripod with an elevator and long legs. It fits into a water bottle pocket, weighs around 1 pound, and costs about $30. To find your own, just go to eBay and search “vintage travel tripod”. There’s a ton of options like ours, below.

Do you have a piece of equipment you absolutely love? Tell us about in the comments below!

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