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Walmart in Mexico – Mexico Cost of Living

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

When in Mexico City this month we visited Walmart to see how the prices compare for brands and products you’d typically find in the USA. We felt like the prices were about half what they would be at a Walmart in Southern California, USA as of October 2019.

Check out the video below to see all the costs.

If you want even more information on Mexico the cost of living check out and Exptatistan estimates that the cost of living in the US is 104% more expensive than in Mexico.

Remember that Mexico is a large country so no two cities will be exactly the same in regards to cost. For example in the USA living in Iowa is much cheaper than California. But even in California, it’s much cheaper to live in central California than Southern California or San Francisco. Remember that costs vary widely across regions.

Stay tuned for more Mexico content! If you’re curious about the costs of living in Belize, check this article out!

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