Why You Should Visit Lanta Animal Welfare in Thailand

We visited Lanta Animal Welfare (AKA LAW)on the island of Koh Lanta, Thailand and absolutely loved it! This non-profit charity’s goal is to protect all the animals on the island and beyond.

How to Visit

If you’re staying on Koh Lanta, it’s an easy motorbike or tuk-tuk ride to Lanta Animal Welfare, they also have plenty of parking. If you’re not on the island already you’ll need to take a ferry to Koh Lanta. We recommend staying at the Cozy Guesthouse, tell Bamboo Aimee and Dallas said hi!

It’s free to get into Lanta Animal Welfare but you’ll feel REALLY good about giving a donation. I ended up purchasing a tank top and calendar to help support their efforts.

Animal & Pet Culture in Thailand

In Western countries like the USA, animals are part of the family. This is not the case in Thailand, there are tons of stray animals wandering the streets. Some are kept as pets but not in the same sense that we think of them in America.

One example of this cultural difference is a story they told us at LAW. A man knew something was wrong with his dog so he decided to take it on his motorbike to Lanta Animal Welfare. However, the dog did not fit on the motorbike so he tied it to the bike and drove over. Eventually, the dog got tired of running to keep up and ended up severely injured. The man did not mean the dog any harm but clearly did not know how to go about safely transporting him.

Another example is the way elephants are ridden for tourists’ entertainment in Thailand. Learn how you can prevent this and care for elephants safely.

What Lanta Animal Welfare Does

Lanta Animal Welfare’s main goal is to sterilize/fix all cats and dogs, to prevent overpopulation. They do 100 sterilizations a day! They are the only vet clinic on the island so any and all hurt or sick dogs and cats come them.

Sterilizing one male and one female cat prevents more than 2 million unwanted births in just 8 years. We believe sterilization is the only long term humane way to end the homeless animal crisis.

Lanta Animal Welfare

LAW is also working on projects like mobile clinics and state-of-the-art Cat Havens!

LAW History

Lanta Animal Welfare was founded in 2005 by a woman named Junie Kovacs who visited Koh Lanta and saw the need for an animal shelter. Since then they have sterilized 15,000 animals.

LAW has grown since then, adding equipment such as x-ray machines and volunteer programs for tourists and residents alike.

How You Can Help

Brochure on how you can help

There’s a few ways you can help the animals. Click here to learn more.

  • Donate cash.
  • Sponsor an animal monthly until they get adopted!
  • Donate your time as a shelter volunteer helping to care for the animals!
  • Host a fundraiser on your Facebook or in your town!
  • Become a flight volunteer if you’re visiting Koh Lanta and can bring an animal with you to help it get to its final destination.
  • SHARE their posts on Facebook and beyond to help spread awareness.
Dallas at the Kitty Cafe, reading about all the adoptable animals

LAW Things to Do

Lanta Animal Welfare offers several activities for tourists, from volunteering to walk dogs and play with cats to visiting the Kitty Cafe and grabbing a coffee. They also offer tours of the facility so you can meet the volunteers, staff, and of course the animals. This is a great activity that’s free and you’ll probably spend 30 minutes-2 hours here depending on what you do.

No matter what you do when visiting Lanta Animal Welfare, you’ll leave feeling emotional but proud to support this community of people who care for animals.

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