Karon Temple Market Guide

The Karon Market is a small but popular street market in Phuket, Thailand. HOURS: This market is open every Tuesday and Friday and runs from 4-10 PM. Check out our other Thailand videos on YouTube!

Where Is Karon Temple Market?

Named because it’s just outside the Buddhist Karon Temple (official name: Wat Suwan Khiri Khet), this market is off Karon Circle. This Market and its surrounding areas are one of the “bigger little” shopping centers aside from the Phuket Weekend Market.

How to Get to Karon Temple Market

We walked to Karon Temple Market since we stayed in the Karon Beach area and it was about a mile away from our hotel. You could easily get there on a tuck-tuck as well. When you walk along Karon Beach you’ll see lots of souvenir vendors and restaurants – hold off, the market is worth the wait!

Directions: Walk north on Karon Beach from Khlong Bangla Park. When you see the Karon Beach Roundabout, turn right on Patak Road and walk to the end. You can’t miss the market and temple at the road’s bend.

Food for Sale

Here you’ll find the typical Thai street food for sale. Everything from Thai sweets to delicious fruits like mangosteen and dragonfruit. Try a freshly made coconut shake or indulge in some fried chicken with sweet chili sauce. Don’t forget the mango sticky rice and Pad Thai!

Uncut Durian

Weirdest Fruit in the World: Durian

What the heck is a Durian? This Asian fruit is extremely polarizing, you’re guaranteed to either hate it or like it. I recommend trying it just for the heck of it. The way it tastes simply can’t be described! The smell is so strong that it’s actually banned at most hotels. Fair warning though:

“The Durian fruit will leave one with breath that smells as if you’d been French-kissing your dead grandmother.”

-Chef Anthony Bourdain

Souvenirs For Sale

Here you’ll find mostly retail tents with about a dozen food stalls. This is a good place to get a quick lunch and souvenirs. Here’s some examples of items for sale:

  • Muay Thai boxing shorts
  • Flower-shaped soap carvings
  • Thai silk
  • Pearl jewelry
  • Swimsuits and beachwear
  • Virgin coconut oil and other cosmetics
  • Touristy shirts – “SAME SAME”, Singha Beer, Chang Beer, Phuket shirts, etc.
  • Knockoff watches, handbags, boxers, makeup palettes, etc.
  • Locally made stuffed animals, dolls, paintings, and even little robots

Is It Authentic?

Karon Temple Market is cleared geared towards tourists but is also enjoyed by locals. You’ll find great authentic street food here right next to fake Ray-Ban sunglasses. This market is a sleepier alternative to shopping in Patong.

Should You Go?

Overall the Karon Temple Market is a good look at a slice of life in Phuket, Thailand. It’s a smaller and less busy version of the Phuket Weekend Market that offers similiar items for sale. If you missed the Weekend Market or just want something a little less chaotic, stop by the Karon Temple Market!

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