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Guest Post: Your Guide to Living the Life of A Digital Nomad

This post was written by John Shieldsmith. Thanks to John for the article and helpful infographic! Be sure to check out our other articles on being a digital nomad!

In the past, if you wanted to earn a living you had to be at a desk, in a store, on an assembly line, or any other number of places that took you away from home and travel. 

Now? 70% of workers telecommute at least part of the time. That number is likely to continue growing, too, as jobs become more and more digital. But, these part-time telecommuters pale in comparison to another group: digital nomads. 

Don’t want to leave your current job? Try to get your boss to let you work remotely!

What Are Digital Nomads? 

Unlike your run-of-the-mill telecommuters, digital nomads are remote workers that focus on traveling while earning a living. Many of these nomads travel abroad, while others pack up and travel around their own country for months or years at a time.

No matter their destination, their goal is the same: to focus on exploration and enjoying the world around them, all while earning a living. 

How do Digital Nomads Earn a Living? 

Now, obviously, every job can’t be taken on the road. Those in traditional retail jobs, physicians, factory workers, and so on can’t pick up their workplace and take it with them. However, there are always new opportunities that can be found instead. (A new career journey seems all-the-more fitting when paired with nomad life!) 

Many nomads work as writers, digital marketers, or even travel bloggers that chronicle their nomad life. All of these jobs can be tackled from a laptop with WiFi, making them the perfect fit. It’s worth noting these are only a handful of jobs that are done on the fly. The possibilities are nearly endless. 

How You Can Become a Digital Nomad

As you read this from your desk, some sandy beaches or lush mountains are probably sounding pretty nice. The bad news: it takes a lot of planning and work to become a digital nomad. The good news: Bestow has created a helpful infographic that will guide you through the process of becoming a digital nomad

No two digital nomad journeys are the same, but the following steps will help get you started on the right foot toward your own wireless, ever-changing journey. 

Thanks for reading!

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