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Ebags Motherlode TLS Weekender Convertible Junior: Long-Term Review

I’ve had my Ebags Mother Lode TLS Weekender Convertible Junior for about six months, and it’s come with me as a weekend bag for 2-3 day trips and a carry-on for a 2-week trip.

You can see my original written review of the bag here.

Common Questions

Are you happy with the size?

I often get questions about why I picked the Junior size. The bag itself is pretty hefty to use as a daily carry but perfect for trips. I am glad I didn’t get the bigger version because I think it would’ve been way too much. It can be awkward to carry with the handles when full, and I prefer it as a backpack. Note that I’m 5’4″-ish.

Other sizes of this bag include the 25″ wheeled duffel and the regular size Weekender.

Does it fit under an airplane seat?

I always fly economy, usually on Southwest or United and it does fit under the seat as long it’s not fully packed. However, it’s not comfortable because it takes up a lot of space. My favorite hack is to pack a smaller bag to have at the plane seat, which is inside the Mother Lode bag until it’s time.

Southwest seat with the Ebags Weekender Junior underneath

Is it durable?

So far this bag has been very durable and has withstood a small rainstorm, many drops, being unzipped way too quickly, and other common incidents. I wouldn’t say it’s a great backpack for someone who would only be carrying this bag for weeks at a time but it’s a good option. So far no rips or tears, just a little dirty.

Is it heavy?

Fun fact about me – I have titanium rods in my spine! This means I can’t carry or lift over 35 pounds. Naturally, I was worried that this bag would be too heavy but it has been perfect. As long as you don’t overpack it with stuff, you’ll be okay. The sternum strap and good quality mesh straps have been a huge part of the backpack’s comfortability.

Does it help you stay organized? Is there such a thing as too many pockets?

There are like SO MANY pockets in this bag, it’s easy to get disorganized because you forgot which pocket is which. I simplified my life and mainly use the big body pocket, top zip pocket, and medium-sized pocket on the outside. I could do with fewer pockets on this bag, but it’s always great to have an option.

Tocode on the top, Ebags on the bottom

What’s missing from this backpack?

I love this bag, but if I had to pick something fancy that could be added I would choose a USB slot which connects to a charger on the inside like the Tocode backpack (below) has.

The thing I miss the most on this bag is a real water bottle pocket. There’s a plastic sleeve one hidden in one of the zippers, but it flaps around so much and so violently that you won’t want to use it!

Is there a cheaper option?

There is a >$50 bag that’s similar but the quality is not as good. Check out the Tocode Laptop Backpack.

Final Thoughts

I’m a big fan of this bag, and would recommend it to anyone! If you plan to buy this bag please click through the link below to help support our blog! The cost to you is the same but we make a small commission.

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