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Tips for Female Travelers in Thailand

When I visited the islands of Thailand in January, I was surprised by how I was treated by the Thai people. I went with my boyfriend Dallas, and we are…


A Day at Koh Lanta National Park

We loved exploring Koh Lanta National Park on the peaceful island of Koh Lanta, Thailand! Check out some scenes from the park below and follow us on YouTube for more…


23 Things Nobody Tells You About Visiting Thailand

Thailand is a stunningly beautiful and affordable country filled with amazingly kind people. Having said that, there are some things you should know before traveling there. I’m American so their…


Karon Temple Market Guide

The Karon Market is a small but popular street market in Phuket, Thailand. HOURS: This market is open every Tuesday and Friday and runs from 4-10 PM. Check out our…

LAUNDRY in Thailand
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How to Do Your Laundry in Thailand

While Thailand’s sunshine may make for some beautiful sunsets, it sure does makes you sweaty! Shortly into your trip you will realize that it’s time to do laundry. Check out…