Guest Post: 5 Camping Spots You Need to Visit in Australia

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When thinking about Australia, most people envision the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House and, well, beaches and more beaches. And as much as those people are up on something, the truth is that there’s much more to Australia than what people initially associate it with. In fact, the country is a huge one and it’s divided into six states and two territories.

The vast size of Australia means that the climate also varies from one part of the country to another. The northern parts are mostly under the influence of a tropical climate, which brings hot and humid summers and warm and dry winters, while the southern parts are somewhat cooler, with more moderate temperatures in the summer and colder and occasionally rainy winters. However, one thing that can be said about Australia is that the people there love spending time outdoors, which is why camping is a popular form of vacation in this country. But, how do you choose the best combination of place and time for your camping trip? Here are some ideas.

Go Beach Camping on Whitehaven Beach, QLD

Part of the Whitsunday Islands National Park, and located in the Barrier Reef, this wonderful beach is a dream come true for anybody who sets their eyes on it. The beach is eco-friendly and one of the cleanest ones in Queensland, with the out-of-this-world white sand and the watercolors ranging from turquoise and blue to green. Most people visit it only for a few hours as a part of various sailing tours and remain enchanted by its beauty, which draws you to it and leaves you craving for more.

This is why some of those people come back to camp there, giving themselves the chance to wake up and fall asleep with the mesmerizing view of this wonderful beach. Booking a spot within the national park’s camping site and setting up your tent in the southern part of the beach is something you should do well in advance, as they only take a limited number of campers. This way you know that the place won’t be overcrowded and you’ll be able to fully enjoy its charms.

Try Winter Camping in the Grampians, VIC

The Grampians National Park has been on the Australian National Heritage List since 2006, mostly due to its impressive natural beauty and sandstone mountain ranges which stretch through it. Visiting it in winter will provide you with the opportunity to breathe that chilly air as you explore the surroundings, after which you’ll definitely appreciate the campfire next to your tent much more.

Yes, unlike most other national parks, this one allows campfires, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in super warm and cozy camping sleeping bags and a good tent since nights can get very cold there. The Grampians aren’t usually crowded, meaning that you might come across as many kangaroos, deer or wallabies as fellow hikers. Add to this the breathtaking MacKenzie Falls you get to see there, and you’ve got yourself the perfect camping location for the winter months.

Try Car Camping at Lane Cove River Tourist Park, Sydney, NSW

Merely 10 kilometers north-west of the CBD, you’ll find another phenomenal camping location, within the Lane Cove National Park. The proximity of such sites as Sydney Harbor Bridge or Sydney Opera House makes this the perfect camping spot for those who want to divide their vacation time between exploring Sydney and taking quiet walks in nature or rowing along the calming Lane Cove River.

The camp has plenty of picnic areas, but also walking tracks and trails perfect for those with bikes. And while you definitely are extremely close to the city, you shouldn’t be surprised if you cross paths with some brush turkeys or even possums, while listening to kookaburra’s cackling laughter. Some campsites will only allow you to stay up to four weeks, so make sure you get all the information and that you book a spot early enough.

Enjoy Tent Camping in Byron Bay, NSW

This lovely beachside town is known for its various festivals, markets, but also scenery and wildlife, and is an interesting and fun place for campers and backpackers. Those who love beach camps and the sound of waves lulling them asleep and waking them up in the morning will probably be ecstatic to find such camps in Byron Bay. Add to this the surfing lessons you can get from any of the numerous surf schools there and the amazing greenway which allows you to either walk or cycle from the center of the town to the magnificent Cape Byron Lighthouse, and you can rest assured that you won’t be bored.

If you’re an animal lover, you might want to participate in the whale watching, and in case you prefer water sports you can go snorkeling or even scuba diving within Cape Byron Marine Park. Aside from music and film festivals that take place there, you can also attend a writers’ festival, an underwater festival, or even a surf festival, depending on the season you pick for your visit.

Seasons at Kenilworth

Farm Camping in Kenilworth Homestead, QLD

This homestead is a heritage-listed one, which only goes to say that its history is as interesting and significant as its beauty is overwhelming. It became available to campers as a part of the growing Australian trend of opening farm properties for camping purposes and it’s now a preferred destination for many. The lovely old huts, barns and the principal residence in combination with gardens, green hills, and the Mary River make this an ideal place for family camping.

They even have some vintage caravans for rent and they let you choose between powered and non-powered camping. While powered sites come in a limited number, the non-powered ones aren’t designated, meaning that you can pick any spot you like and set up your tent there. The river offers a few nice swimming spots, while the farm provides such entertainment as horse riding, archery, and animals that kids can pet. So, if you’re a fan of rural tourism, this is a wonderfully green and relaxing place for you to visit.

No matter which type of camping you’re into, which part of Australia you want to visit, or when you want to do it, this remarkable country will surely have something to offer. So, pack your tent and the rest of your camping equipment and make your Australian camping vacation the best one yet.

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