About One Chance Travel

Dallas & Aimee are a couple based in Southern California who love dogs, travel, and food! They have two dogs, Sophie and Quinn, who are cute but a little insane. For information on guest posting and collaborating with us click here! Visit our resources page to see our gear/software.

Our YouTube channel is called Dallas & Aimee – check us out!

Dallas James

Dallas James is an entrepreneur, artist, and bulldog lover. He found his passion for travel as a child traveling with his church group to learn more about this great big world.

Aimee Michelle is a twenty-something wanderer who started serving pizza at 15 to make enough money to go to her first international destination: Paris, France.  After Paris, everything else was history.


How it All Started

Dallas & Aimee met on the dating app Plenty of Fish in 2016, bonding over their love of guess what – dogs and travel! Their mutual love of sunshine often leads them to tropical destinations like Mexico and Thailand, living in sunny Southern California between adventures.

They started One Chance Travel as a way to share travel tips and what they’ve learned with the world. this couple also wanted to show others that it is possible to work full-time “normal” desk job AND travel the world without breaking the bank. Follow them on YouTube and Instagram today. 

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Do you have a question about a travel tip? Want to send feedback? Need recommendations for a hotel? Interested in guest posting? Contact Aimee & Dallas via email at onechancetravelers@gmail.com or leave us a comment on YouTube.

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