Traveling with Pets

7 of the Best Actually Useful Dog Travel Accessories

Dogs can make great travel companions but you’ll have to remember to pack all their essentials too! We have a Boston bulldog (55 pounds) and a Pomeranian (11 pounds) who we love to travel with. Check out our favorite dog travel accessories that are actually useful!

vittles vault

For Dinner Time: Vittles Vault

I’m afraid to admit (I’m a good dog mom, I swear!) that I’ve often forgotten to bring dog food while traveling with our pups. The Vittles Vault changed that by giving the world two dog bowls and a food storage container in one. You can’t smell the food and it’s airtight so it won’t go bad. I recommend keeping one of these bad boys full along with a bottle of water so you’re always ready to go. Note that I found out the hard way that the storage container is not dishwasher-friendly but the bowls are!

Price: $9.39

paw plunger

For Dirty Paws: The Paw Plunger

Such a simple but useful idea. Stick your pet’s paws into this plunger to wash them off after they inevitably run through the mud.

Price: $16.99-$29.99 depending on size and color.

Pet first aid kit

For Accident-Prone Pooches: A First-Aid Kit

Sure, you could make your own first aid kit specifically for your dog. I planned to do this for years and it just never happened, so I ponied up to get this First Aid Kit which is made especially for pups and includes a first aid manual with instructions. Thankfully, I’ve never had to use it but it helps me sleep a little better knowing that if there’s a dog accident we have the kit ready to go.

Price: $30.22

water bottle

For Thirst-Quenching: A Portable Water Bottle

This portable water bottle makes your life easier because you can fill it up and bring in your backpack. This bottle is dishwasher-safe and the two pieces snaps together easily. The lanyard makes it easy to hook onto a backpack, meaning this bottle is also good for hiking with your dog.

Price: $8.99-$11.19


For Antsy Travelers: In-Car Zip Line

Many dogs get anxiety from traveling in a car and hate to be contained to a crate or carrier. this in-car dog zip line gives them the ability to roam around the backseat without letting them jump out the window or up front to sit with you. It’s easy to install and remove but gives your dog peace of mind, making YOUR life that much easier.

Price: $24.99

life jacket

For Swimmers: Dog Life Jacket

Even if your dog can swim, make sure they’ll be safe with this doggie lifejacket. My Pomeranian likes to swim but can’t swim for more than a few minutes before getting tired, so we strap this on her peace of mind. There are straps on the back for easy dog pickup, and the neck floaty part makes me feel like her head will always be above water.

Price: $10.99-$19.99

gopro mount

For Dog Photographers: GoPro Harness Mount

The world needs to see what it looks like from your dog’s point of view! Grab this GoPro harness mount and strap your camera to either their back or chest. This harness is meant to fit dogs between 15-120 pounds so you only have to buy one per family! This would be great for hikers who want some video from a different perspective.

Price: $30.99

Traveling with dogs isn’t always easy, but these products have made our lives easier. If you have a favorite travel pet product, let us know what it is in the comments below!

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