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6 Kinda-Obvious Airplane Travel Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Whether you’ve taken 1 flight or 1000 flights, there’s always a better way to do it! While most of us can’t afford to fly in first class, there are hacks you can do to make your experience better. Learn how you can actually sleep on a plane and check out more travel hacks here!

Read on for six sorta obvious airline travel hacks that you’ll wish you knew sooner!

Check Airport Security Waits Pre-Arrival

Most airports worth their salt have security wait times online, and if not you can check the TSA app. That way you know before you go if there’s the entire women’s professional softball league at the airport, or if half the TSA staff called in sick.

Skip Security Lines with TSA Pre-Check

I have a whole article on why you should get this– but seriously this perk is worth its weight in gold. If you want to skip most of the line entirely, do this. My local airport usually has a 5 person or less line for TSA Pre-Check. That usually means a wait of 10 minutes or less in the security line, which is VERY handy when you’re running late.

PS: If you get Global Entry you can also get expedited entry driving through the US/Canada and US/Mexico borders – check out Sentri lanes.

Freeze Your Liquids

Why would you want to do this? If you want to avoid the $5 airport water bottle you can bring in a frozen-solid water bottle through security, but it must be frozen while you go through security. This is a great hack if you’re going on a long flight and aren’t satisfied with the little cups of water you get from the airplane crew.

Don’t believe this could be true? Check out the TSA website.

Use A Packing Cube as an In-Seat Bag

Most people don’t like to pay $30+ to check a bag but don’t want to have their bigger bag at the seat. Grab one of your packing cubes and pack all your in-flight essentials. You can throw it under the seat in front of you, or even fit it in the seat pocket.

Carry Luggage Efficiently with the Travel Turtle

The travel turtle is where you put one backpack on your back, and one backpack on your front. It’s super awkward looking and uncomfortable to try to carry two backpacks, this is the best way. You will look weird, but you don’t care because you’re smiling on the inside!

AKA the picture that saved you from losing your car

Take A Photo of your Parking Spot at the Airport

If you’re not fortunate enough to get a ride to the airport and have to park, take a picture of where you left your car! There’s usually directional arrows and signs. Don’t assume that you’ll remember Terminal C, Spot 192, Level 3! Chances are you’ll be tired from traveling and your brain won’t remember that information. Go easy on yourself and just take a picture!

Plus a bonus hack!

Maximize Space with Convertible Luggage

Make the most use out of your travel bags and get something convertible. I recommend the Ebags Mother Lode Junior because it can be used as a backpack, handheld bag,

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