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5 New Airplane Travel Hacks

Airplane travel is both an amazing experience (flying through the air in a metal tube!) and an awful experience (why do people think it’s okay to take off their shoes and socks on a plane?) at the same time. Check out this list of my favorite airplane travel hacks that you’ve never heard before.

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DIY Plane Seat Phone Mount

If you want to watch a movie or read a book on the plane without hurting your neck or having to hold your phone the whole time, read on! DIY a phone mount by attaching a metal plate to the back of your phone or tablet.

You can use this in the car with a magnetic mount or fold the phone case over the tray table. I love the DREEM case because you can easily take your phone in and out of the case, and it doubles as a small wallet.

Just snap your phone on the magnetic back and enjoy! It holds up my iPhone X with an Otterbox on it with no issues. I’ve watched many fellow passengers turn green with envy as they realized what I was doing, so tell your friends so nobody has to have a sore neck again.

Me at the Denver airport, wearing the Denver scarf

Scarf = Accessory, Purse, & Blanket

Being from Southern California, I don’t have much need to wear a scarf. However, when Waypoint Goods sent me this scarf, I was amazed by how its multiple functions. I’m ALWAYS cold on planes so I used it as both an accessory and a blanket.

Even better, there’s a subtle zipper pocket which fits a phone and passport perfectly so you don’t have to fumble with your backpack.

This scarf has an infinity shape, so it expands to be much larger, so much so that you can almost wear it as a (slutty) dress.

The Ebags Motherlode Junior

Make A “Go Bag” for the Plane

I’ve always struggled with this and I finally found a solution. Packing cubes are a thing of miracles, and you can also use them to make a “go bag” of items that you want on the plane.

I love my Ebags Motherlode Junior backpack but it’s too big to fit under the seat, so I make a “go bag” from a packing cube and take it at the seat with me. I put the Ebags bag in the overhead compartment and enjoy my little bag with just the necessities, plus all the legroom!

Towels = Blankets

If you don’t want to be the crazy person who brings their own blanket on the plane, considering picking up a compact travel towel. They fold up nicely, are easy to clean, and can act as towels for beaching, showering, general incidents, etc.. Best of all, you won’t look as insane as if you brought a full wool blanket!

Double Pack Fragile Stuff

When we went to Belize we brought home a ton of Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauce and jellies. Naturally, these are packed in glass bottles and jars. How do you get glass bottles across countries including layovers without them breaking?

Our solution was to pack our glass bottles in a dry bag (see below). We wrapped the bottles in towels (see how handy they are?) and they all made it home safely! Thank goodness, because now we are addicted to Marie Sharp’s and it cost twice as much in California.

Wrapping the bottles in a towel then putting them in a dry bag ensured that even if they exploded, it would not get hot sauce all over everything we owned!

What Are Your Favorite Hacks?

Do you have a favorite tip for hacking airline travel? Let us know in the comments below!

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