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13 Fun Road Trip Accessories

If you’re heading out on a road trip, you already know you need the essential items like a spare tire, packing cubes, and other travel necessities. You downloaded all the essential apps, so what’s left? Check out this list of road trip accessories and gadgets that will make your car-venture more fun!

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Eating & Drinking

Portable Coffee Maker, $54

Anyone who has ever actually used their in-hotel-room coffee machine knows what a terrible idea it is. When’s the last time that thing was cleaned? Probably never. And who really wants to buy gas station coffee anyway?

Take your coffee making to go with this portable budget option, which fits nicely in your cupholder. This one comes with a car charger and requires just one button push to set up. Put some water in, wait 10 minutes for it to warm up, and VOILA – you made car coffee. This works with ground coffee or k-cups.

Dipping Sauce Holder, $9

On any road trip, you will inevitably eat something that requires dipping, in your car. Don’t try to be a hero and balance that dipping sauce on your leg, because you will lose! Check out this holder which holds your sauce in through every bump. No sauce container? Use the removable ramekin that comes with it for an elegant dipping experience.

Car Fridge, $43

Sure, you could bring a cooler and get ice every time you stop – but why bother? The real road trippers bring their own fridge. This option holds about 7 cans and plugs into your car!

40-Pack of Snacks, $25

Road trip snacks are inevitable, so save yourself some money and buy this giant pack of 40 snack-sized treats. This includes cookies, chips, and candy galore!

Less Fun, But Necessary

Car Trash Can, $15

What makes this trash can fun? It means that your trash won’t be all over the floor, you filthy animal! This sits on your car’s floor so you don’t have cans of Monster rolling around while you road trip.

Female Urinal, $10

Yes, it is gross, but may be necessary. After you drink all those Monster beverages, you’re going to have to go. Make your life easier, and make some hilarious memories with this magical little device that evens out the playing field with the boys.

Car Headrest Mount, $11

Who wants to hold their phone for 8 hours to watch a movie on their road trip? This headrest mount is great for kids sitting in the backseat and can hold phones, tablets, gaming devices, and more.

A/C Extender, $42

This is a great little tool for when the air conditioning just doesn’t reach the people in the back. Extend hot or cool air to the backseat with this genius invention, available in a variety of designs and sizes. Keeping everyone cool is a great way to prevent arguments, making this perfect for any road trip!

Car Air Purifying Bags, $20 for 4

Forget the little tree air fresheners and bring in these bad boys. I use these at home, in my closet, and in my car. These are bags of charcoal which purify the air of any impurities – including your uncle’s gas after that Taco Bell run. To refresh them, just leave them in the sun for an hour.

Keeping Yourself Busy

Mad Libs on the Road, $3

A classic road trip game, Mad Libs creates silly situations with fill-in-the-blanks that kids will love. For a more adult version of Mad Libs, check out My Bleeping Family.

Would You Rather, $7

Another road trip favorite, Would You Rather forces you to answer questions that might have no good answer! This is a great kid-friendly option for games.

Questions for Terrible People, $7

The adult version of Would You Rather, this game is more adult-oriented. Check out some example questions:

Would you rather attend a funeral while high on laughing gas or go to your own wedding doped up on horse tranquilizers?

Which famous figure, living or dead, would be the most terrifying to be tickled by?

Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid, $18

My favorite party game, you will use these cards to decide who of your car-mates is the most likely to do something specific. This game is very similar to Cards Against Humanity, and is great for big groups of adults! Here are some examples:

Who is most likely to shame people for going to bed?

Who is most likely to wake up with half a burrito in bed?

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