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10 Best Travel Accessories for Packing Light 2020

There are many reasons to travel lighter. After all, it’s cheaper to do carry-on only for planes and it’s easier to carry less stuff around. Traveling in a minimalist way is a lot easier said than done though because don’t you NEED an outfit for every situation plus 3 pairs of shoes?

Whether you’re traveling for a week or a year, these travel accessories are perfect for packing light.

These include some of our favorite beach vacation accessories!

Clothing, Laundry & Toiletries

Portable Soap/Shampoo/Detergent Sheets: $5

Doing laundry while you travel is one of the best ways to pack light because you can bring less clothing and wash it in the sink or bathtub without leaving your hotel room.

There’s no need to do to a laundromat and waste your vacation waiting for clothes to wash and dry. These sheets are easy to use – just swish them around in the water with your clothes, then rinse and hang them to dry.

These are also available as body wash, shampoo, hand soap, and shaving sheets so you can use all of these to help you pack lighter. This means they can also be brought along on camping trips, assuming you have access to a basin of water.

Wash Bags for Laundry, $55

If you don’t have access to a sink or basin of water, consider a wash bag. This is great for campers and light packers because it folds up pretty small and can also double as a dry bag.

PS: Check out how we did laundry in Thailand on the side of the road.

This Scrubba option weights 5 ounces and washes clothes in 3 minutes. There’s a flexible internal washboard which you can use to scrub away stains. If you want one of these made for delicates like panties, bras, and activewear – check out this one from Allurette.

Mosquito Wipes with DEET, $3

Yes, DEET is a disgusting chemical to put on your body, but with these wipes, it’s not as gross. It’s also more compact than a can of bug spray. I recommend keeping these in their own bag to contain the smell. We usually need 2 of these to wipe our whole bodies. These will help you pack light because they pack almost completely flat!

Packing Cubes, $18

Why is every travel blogger obsessed with packing cubes? BECAUSE THEY WORK. I too, was not a believer until I started using them. These basically serve as portable dresser drawers which help you stay organized.

These are available in just about any color and size combination, but I like the Amazon Basics and Ebags ones. There are also special ones for bras, shoes, cables, toiletries, and more but honestly they are all pretty similar.

Staying Warm & Dry

Dry Bag, $19-$39

If you have anything you want to keep dry, you will want a dry bag. This is especially true if you’ll be doing any water activities like snorkeling, boating, swimming, etc. We used our bag while snorkeling in Caye Caulker and it kept our phones, camera, money, and extra clothes dry. This was also a good way to store our glass hot sauce bottles when we flew home (click for more airline travel hacks).

Turkish Towel, $18

If you’re looking for a soft towel for the beach, drying off, doing yoga, or using as a blanket check out this Turkish Towel.

Quick-Dry Towel, $18

For something more compact, check out this quick-drying travel towel made from microfiber, I have the one with the blue starry night design.


Go Pro Hero 7 (Waterproof Camera), $338

If you want a small camera that’s waterproof, has a touchscreen, has 4K video, listens to voice commands, and includes awesome stabilization – this is your best option. This camera has been awesome for snorkeling and other adventures where we didn’t want to get our Canon M50 wet. The only downside? The batteries suck, so be sure to buy a few extra.

Big Daddy Portable Power Bank, $61

Nowadays we have so many products that we need to keep charged! Our favorite brand of a power bank is Anker because we’ve had some for years and they’ve held up GREAT even after hundreds of charges. This one is the big daddy with 26800 mAh and 3 USB ports. This one charges most phones over 6 times!

Smaller Power Bank, $26

I’ve had the Anker 10,000 mAh power bank for 2 years now and it still works like the day I got it. This one is smaller with only one port but charges my phone usually 2x over.

More Tips

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